Maui | Travaasa Hana

We arrived early evening. A short visit. Did you know you can fly to Hana from Kahului Airport?

It’s just a 15-minute flight, much easier than driving (a tight and windy, one-lane, two-hour drive)…

Here we are. Travaasa Hana.

The energy in the air here is wild. Quiet but strong. Unlike any other hotel in Hawaii.

Right in time for sunset…

dinner, and off to bed.

I woke early the next morning…

…made myself a cup of tea with…

…slices of their housemade banana bread. Simple pleasures are the best (and nothing tops banana bread from Hawaii. The mainland ones just don’t taste the same).

A quiet swim…

A later loco moco breakfast. There are six loco mocos on the menu and this had kalua pig, luau stew, sweet potato, and gravy. Pineapples on the side.

A stroll around the property and then off to visit the nearby Hana Fresh Farm…

…how pretty is this hibiscus?

And rambutan everywhere!

Fruits at the stand (all grown at the farm)…

…and more banana bread.

Someone brought me gardenias earlier in the summer and the scent was so heady and intoxicating. I missed it and spent the last few weeks stopping at Honolulu flower shops looking for gardenias. All I wanted was to smell them again. But I couldn’t find them anywhere! It wasn’t till the fifth shop did the store keeper tell me they were out of season. Sigh.

Then in Hana, Micah spotted a single gardenia near the farmer’s stand. The sweetest surprise.

Lunch back at Travaasa Hana. A combo of my three favorite items on the menu. Roasted sweet potatoes, local mahi mahi, and a very good luau stew. Everything I was craving.

Back to the room (really a house!) to finish some work…

…and just relax.

Then we went to Hana Gold Cacao…

…look at all those cacao shells!

Yes, we ate the chocolate (sea salt was my favorite).

Afternoon nap…

…so peaceful.

Back up for a dinner feast (thank you, Chef Bella!). Mai tais first, of course.

Coconut-lemongrass soup followed by bowls of ikura, Tahitian limes and avocados…

…fingerlings with shichimi creme fraiche, chives, and Hana lemon…

miso-turmeric eggplant and “dirty” carrots. Next,¬†arroz caldo with ginger, lemongrass, saffron, poached egg, fried garlic, and scallions.

Steamed mahi mahi – hot oil, peppers, garlic, and cilantro.

Ribeye cap, mustard port, and Hamakua mushrooms.


Gone the next morning. So early. Too fast. We’ll be back.

Thank you, Hana ^-^



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