Argentinian Yerba Mate, Part I

[I’m collaborating on a three-part series with Argentinian Yerba Mate. Over the course of the next few months we’ll explore how to make/drink yerba mate, origins of the brew, and ways to work with yerba mate as an ingredient. Hope you enjoy Part I today ^-^]

Ever since that one afternoon in Mendoza (scroll to the middle of the post), I’ve had an eye out for Argentinian yerba mate wherever I go. It’s not as common in the US, so I often brew yerba mate at home. Always during the day, and with a good snack.

Argentina is the world’s leading producer of Yerba mate. It’s also happens to be the country’s national drink.

The crushed leaves come from the yerba mate tree, an evergreen plant native to the Misiones Province of Argentina. The production process of the leaves is 100% natural and the name yerba mate is a combination of yerba (‘herb’ in Spanish) and mate (the name of the infusion).

Tradition (this drink is centuries old) calls for yerba mate to be made in a gourd, but I like to simplify things with…

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