Pleats Please Sushi Box

How very cute is this sushi box? One of my go-to dresses (that I wear almost daily) is also from Pleats Please so you can imagine how easily I fell in love with this. The sushi box was made for the 20th anniversary of their NYC shop, but was also sold in Singapore as a special edition item a while back.

Six pieces of “sushi” inside every set. Every pieces unfolds/opens up into an accessory. Let’s look at them all…

Tamago and Maguro turn into little jewelry pouches. Nori around the Tamago holds the pouch close…

…while the Maguro is secured by a wasabi velcro button!! So many little details. I love it.

Uni and Ikura both turn into…

…tiny drawstring pouches.

The pair of maki rolls turn into…

…headbands! Quite sporty looking.

Way to make my day ^-^


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