Onolicious Hawai’i

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I have a new blog. It’s called Onolicious Hawaii. Read more here ^_^

This blog (which started in 2004) was originally a blog about eating and living in Hawaii. It evolved into many other things over the years, primarily about my work in tea and travel. All the Hawaii stuff (which was always my favorite part of this blog) got a little lost and now it’s found it’s way back home…in the form of Onolicious Hawaii. I hope you’ll join us there!

P.S. I’ll continue to post tea/travel here, but head to Onolicious Hawaii for everything Hawaii ^-^

Photo: chichi dango from Nisshodo, one of my favorite mochi shops in Hawaii.

Breakfast for Two

It was a real nice way to start the day. Big fluffy bed, warm fireplace, and cozy bathrobes. And breakfast! I used to write about hotels. And my favorite part was never the dinners or the bars or the spa, but always, breakfast. I’m not even a morning person, but I’ll wake for a nice breakfast, especially one delivered to the foot of your bed.

This was at SingleThread in Healdsburg. Shall we dig in?

Drinks first. Iced almond milk matcha latte…