A Middle Eastern Breakfast in Doha

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18100984862_1d4c117844_cYou know how much I love a good hotel breakfast. From the one at Mandarin Oriental Paris to Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, a hotel with a memorable breakfast is good incentive to wake up early ^-^

My default is the Chinese or Japanese breakfast…but at Four Seasons Doha, the Middle Eastern breakfast is the one to get (though they do a decent Japanese breakfast). It’s a feast…

17484748583_2c605abe2e_c…let’s look through all the parts and pieces so that we don’t forget!

To start, there’s a basket of warm, housemade pita bread, cut into quarters and served alongside fresh vegetables and olives. Squeeze the lemon wedge all over…

17919069029_264bfe792e_c…and then dip into the labne or tahini…or both!

18078793956_f48fd35653_cNext up is the ful medames, a saucy dish of cooked fava beans finished with olive oil…

17919076249_a2c594c63e_c…served with a trio of spices including cumin. There’s a extra bowl of olive oil on the side, because a little more never hurts.

17917614180_c2ef37b396_cAnd don’t forget to mix in the diced tomatoes and onions. Hard-boiled egg on the side.

18078809336_0ecf18675e_cAnd now we get to the falafel! These are formed into ring, dotted with sesame seeds. So crisp, hot from the fryer…

17916726280_18c79d739f_c…alternate bites with sliced cucumber and mint, tomatoes and halloumi cheese. The best is when no one is looking and you can sneak in a big mouthful with a little bit of everything ^-^


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