A Tea Class with CookSpace Hawaii

13915069399_5628fab4f3_cHappy Wednesday.

I just returned to NYC after a week in Napa and San Francisco (which feels like a second home, thanks to good friends). Isn’t it crazy how this year has flown by? We’re already scheduling dinners and plans for 2015! I’ll be home in Honolulu for the holidays. If you’re around January 10, 2015, I’m teaching a class on tea at CookSpace. There are many ways to angle a class on tea, and this time we’re focusing on how tea can (and should be) a daily ritual to relax and recharge. Hope to see you there ^-^

P.S. Thank you, Melanie and Megan!

  • Nicky Lawnsby
    December 16, 2014

    Hello Kathy, my name is Nicky and I love your blog !
    I am interested to join /attend your tea class on Sat Jan 10th 2015. Can you inform me of details… Time and place, cost, what to bring ( if any) etc
    Looking forward to your reply
    Thank you

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