A Warming Basket

28912282591_2542c79662_cAh, if only all hotel rooms came with a Chinese tea basket…

28883405912_ff12e2e746_cRattan, with a metal lock.

28883406352_1c33ea682b_cRoom for the pot and cups, ample padding.

28883389032_f45ee38da3_cReady for any gathering of two.

28371701763_0ecdb0bc78_cWe drink the sweetest jasmine in the afternoon.

P.S. This one was found at Shangri-La Paris

  • khanh chau
    September 17, 2016

    Hong Kong JW Marriot gave me a tea basket. Only because I was premier member.

  • alan
    September 26, 2016


  • alan
    September 26, 2016


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