Afternoon Tea | Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

22563599195_0b806de373_cWednesday. Afternoon tea in Bali ^-^

21940613544_fc13d1a46f_cThere are two Four Seasons on the island of Bali. The one at Sayan serves tea at Jati Bar. I grew up in Hawaii, and while the ocean was always close by our family preferred living deep in valleys, in the forest, up the mountains. This is my kind of setting. 

21942191263_709aae45ab_cA pot of English Breakfast (Sariwangi is the property supplier)…

22376777269_204fe55f8c_c…and let’s begin. From the bottom, fruit tarts…

22376773749_56f38dbb5f_c…lilikoi bars…

22550024732_0b98b1a94f_c…and a milk and white chocolate mousse.

21942415463_e8b81f76e4_cOn the middle tier, smoked salmon…

22574812341_7939e51b3e_c…and roast chicken sandwiches.

22574810371_c7ba2952cf_cPandan and raisin scones on top. Clotted cream and raspberry jam on the side.

22563597905_eb2b6fbf25_cIf only every Wednesday was this lovely ^-^

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