Afternoon Tea in Chengdu | The Temple House

20529438064_3766a2f902_cAfternoon tea for one at the recently opened Temple House in Chengdu (more here) ^-^

21125860706_66b29ee788_cWe’ll start with oolong…

21159900621_088a3c8bfb_c…and the finger sandwiches. Six different fillings combined into three sandwiches. On multigrain: ham/dill pickles and corned beef/wholegrain mustard.

21152106215_66fd02b0c0_cOn “light rye”: egg salad and smoked salmon/cream cheese/lemon.

20531005243_6facaf592d_cOn white bread: cucumber/cream cheese/dill and cheddar cheese/tomato jam.

20963960790_5bfc6e76da_cItty bitty scones in plain, pumpkin, and raisin. Most scones in China tend to be softer, sweeter, and more butter roll-esque.

20529436294_91c3d50152_cLemon curd, strawberry jam, and orange marmalade. Clotted cream on the side.

21159894711_2cfc857ba5_cA dollop of each.

20531010653_c1966bea62_cMango and chocolate éclairs.

21125869336_9b2e2a926a_cLemon curd and raspberry macarons.

20965306889_6b46988513_cCarrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

20963967650_c6a29fc4c2_cMango and blueberry tarts.

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