Afternoon Tea | Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Tea with Joanne at one of my all-time favorite hotels ^-^

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong does tea in both CafĂ© Causette and the Clipper Lounge.

We opted for Clipper Lounge and started with cups of Darjeeling and warm savories…

…like lup cheong wrapped in puff pastry, finished with plenty of black pepper.

And an eggy leek quiche.

Moving onto the sandwiches! Rare roast beef and watercress on wheat.

Smoked salmon and dill on mini bagels.

And a classic cucumber and cream cheese on white. 

Ham and cheddar on wheat…

…and out come the scones!

They make sure to deliver the scones just as you finish the last sandwich. That way you can eat them warm. Little details are the most important ^_^

The scones are paired with clotted cream and the Mandarin’s famed rose petal jam (which you can purchase by the jar at The Mandarin Cake Shop).

Am going to check out the Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental Paris in a few weeks…so excited to see how it compares/contrasts with the Cake Shop in Hong Kong. 

Raisin scones, golden top. And that rose petal jam…it’s wild, simultaneously heady and delicate.

Coffee mousse cake! Chocolate sponge, espresso mousse, and coffee ganache. 

Iced lemon tea cakes….

…and an excellent, moist and nutty fruit cake. 

Raspberry and cocoa cake.

A tiny lemon tart…

…and a raspberry-almond version for an extra pretty finish ^_^


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