Afternoon Tea | Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London | The Rosebery

21698176732_92c7ee6a0b_cHere’s a peek at the limited run of The Pan Afternoon Tea served at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. They property just renovated The Rosebery so it’s feeling extra fresh in there. How pretty is this arrangement?

21698216042_6e8d3c0cc3_cA late afternoon tea for two. Best way to spend a Saturday in the city…

21709596285_ef395a525b_c…the tea menu is extensive. It’s split into two sections: fine tea and rare & limited teas. We tasted through most of the menu before settling on sugarcane black and nokcha.

21086938984_20cd465387_cEverything comes out at the same time except for scones (because you always want those warm). Sandwiches include:

  • Slow-roasted organic chicken and buttered corn
  • Smoked salmon tartar with crème fraîche and dill
  • Cotswold egg and mustard cress
  • Cucumber and cream cheese
  • Portland crab and crayfish with asparagus on nori bread
  • Wiltshire cured ham and heritage tomatoes

21086830304_4a0ec15414_cWith the exception of the crab and crayfish, all sandwiches were presented as a single slice of bread rolled and pressed/pinched at the ends. I kind of love it.

21086945874_8f301ed8fd_cFrosted teacakes:

  • Black Velvet Cake (Chocolate and Ginger)
  • The Jolly Rodger (Pineapple and Coconut)

21698001262_729a76f614_cAnd then come the scones. Warm, half plain and the other half with golden raisins. Served with Devonshire…

21522653479_42e6f074bc_c…lemon curd, strawberry jam, and rose petal jelly.

21698141502_d2713c58d6_cA collection of sweets. From left to right…

21683527376_87c8b9da1a_cBlackbeard’s Cannonball: milk chocolate mousse with caramelized banana

21086887654_b7e1696143_cMermaid Macaron filled with vanilla yogurt ganache

21718833881_ebd0d727a6_cIn the Clouds:blackberry, lemon and vanilla entremet

21709566165_e5fe8c307b_cImagination Pie: strawberry mousse and clotted cream crémeux

21683520186_1456537e37_cThe Pan Charm: green tea custard stuffed into a lemon choux bun. Till next time ^-^

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  • accommodation oxford
    December 17, 2015

    Lovely comfortable room, nice atmosphere, didn’t feel rushed. Delicious sandwiches & cakes. Excellent service, nice touches like plumping up your seat cushions if you got up & very attentive in refilling glasses & plates.

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