Sakura Tea + Cheese…Then Off to Washington DC

To drink: one teapot of Sakura 2011 by Mariage Frères. This one is part of their 2011 collection, a bright green tea with dried cherry blossoms, so delicate, so light!

Here’s a closer look at the tea leaves. And the packaging! Seriously, Mariage Frères always wins for best packaging and overall company vision.

To eat: mini toast cuts stuffed with Cremeux de Bourgogne. All I seem to crave these days is steak and triple cream cheeses (not together of course). Found this Cremeux de Bourgogne from Burgundy at Murray’s Cheese yesterday, it’s positively lush, slightly fluffy in the center, but pornographically runny right beneath the rind. More Cremeux de Bourgogne on the side and whole grain mustard. A little goûter

…and then Pierre and I are off to Washington DC for the weekend! After I set up our new Greenmarket basil plants, that is ;) So many herb options I decided to pick based off appearance alone. Fingers crossed we catch the end of cherry blossom season in DC. Thanks to all who gave eating recommendations for the weekend. Will report back!

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  • anonymous
    April 29, 2011

    "Pornographically"! Too funny!

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