Aruba: Balashi, Madame Janette, and Local Supermarkets

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A few more Aruba scenes before heading back to NYC (where it is 40F!)

A view of the beach from the catamaran.

Visiting a Dutch supermarket. Just a 10-minute cab ride from the hotel, $15 flat fare each way. Stocked up on stroopwafels, cheese and the rather addictive Hagelslag, aka dark chocolate sprinkles (to top buttered toast). I’d love to learn the local language of Papiamento one day…so much more to explore.

Aruba Riba is the local cocktail, potent and an alarming shade of red. If I’m not mistaken it has a splash of every possible liquor on the shelf! But it was the local beer – Balashi, that I found myself drinking every afternoon.

Dinner at Madame Janette where they specialize in beautiful Argentine cuts of beef. Feeling extra decadent, had tenderloin done black and blue, then topped with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, fried onions. And a glass of Malbec.

Afternoon on the catamaran, snorkeling off the coast of the island. We spotted the MS Antilla shipwreck (from WWII, 1939)! The ship was only 20 feet deep at it’s highest point, though I didn’t go that far down. Sailing back as the sun set, followed by…

…dinner on the beach, barefoot.

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  • anonymous
    March 28, 2012

    you live the best live ever

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