Asiate | Mandarin Oriental, New York

15605687019_c02e45da83_cI visit Asiate because it’s calm and beautiful….and Chef Angie always incorporates surprising elements of tea into her menu.

15606671950_164f66eb29_cThe “tea dish” this season is turbot with jasmine tea and leek jam. Mushroom consommé is poured tableside (from a teapot). And don’t forget to add white truffles, heehee.

15120630291_814627f28b_cThis was the turbot + teapot dish from summer…all those herbs! Paired with heirloom tomatoes, capers, and baby squid.

14798942308_8306c9d9c8_cAnd remember tea-roasted beets from the lunch menu? Orange and yellow beets roasted on a bed of chai tea and plated with labne and crispy maitakes. Super smokey.

15064489770_9fceaa1b3d_cP.S. Not a tea-related dish, but one I wish would stay permanently on the menu: uni, ahi, and ikura ^-^

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