Big Island Tea

If you visited Harrods in London in the past year, you might have noticed a black tea retailing for $4,800 a pound. That tea came all the way from Hawai’i, grown and hand harvested from Eliah and Cam of Big Island Tea. The tea is offered only at Harrods for now…but fingers crossed we’ll be able to try it in other places soon ^_^

While I was on the Big Island last week, I got a chance to meet Eliah and Cam (thank you for being such wonderful hosts!) at their tea farm. They’re located 3,000 feet up on slopes of the Mauna Kea volcano. 

In addition to tea plants they also grown kukui nut and koa trees, blackberries and blueberries, and even bamboo orchids. Serene and calm, the air is remarkably fresh…almost makes me want to never return to the city. 

Here’s a peek at the black tea… 

…and the first steep. Look at that color, can you see all the downy hairs? It’s from the high proportion of tips. So beautiful. It drinks the way it looks, rich and vibrant with an understated sweetness. 

We enjoyed it with cookies Eliah just baked, fresh figs from the farm, and fruit and nut bars from the nearby farmer’s market. What a spread! If only every Sunday could be like this :)

Is there any drink more enchanting than tea? I think not. 

P.S. If you haven’t seen a tea seed before…this is what they look like.


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