Brasserie Du Vin

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Baked Oysters

I spent a good chunk of my first post-college summer nestled in one of the patio seats at Brasserie Du Vin. I’d come for lunch or dinner, and then again late in the night. And if I didn’t arrive for a meal or nighttime meet up with friends, then I’d come in the afternoon, alone with a good book. Nothing satiates the dusk hours like a plate of crisp pomme frites and a chocolate souffle.


The most fun person to dine with at the restaurant, was Kristen H., a close high school friend whom I now see once or twice a year, always back in Hawaii. All summer, we Du Vin’d to the extent where the words had been turned to verbs.

“Would you care to Du Vin tonight?”

“Why, of course.”

And then we’d go shopping at Ala Moana for pretty dresses we neither needed nor could afford (always catching the public Bus – we both didn’t learn to drive till after high school graduation, and were horrible drivers).

Dark Chocolate & Banana Crepes

We’d change into the new dresses no more than an hour after purchasing them, stuffing the ones we previously wore into the bottom of our big black (sometimes it was brown or pink) bags. And then we went off to Du Vin.

New York City is full of restaurant similar to Du Vin – think along the lines of Inoteca, Solex (only with better food), and Spitzers (also with better food, and a focus on wine instead of beer). But it is rare you come across such places in Hawai’i. Okazuyas? Yes. Plate lunch takeout? Yes. Shave Ice stands? Of course!

But casual wine bars with quality food? Few and far between.

And so it was, during this short visit home, that Kristen and I meet once again at Du Vin for a lazy weekday dinner. This time we brought Monica A. along, another high school friend we had not seen in nearly three years. The food was not nearly as good as I remember…though I suspect people are not joking when they say that New York City leaves your taste buds jaded.

But for once it wasn’t about the food, but the diners, and what an enjoyable night we had, reminiscing about our Punahou years, about our weekly afternoon tea outings, and addiction to bread pudding and the importance of good sun protection…

…and even about the time all electric power on East Oahu went out the night before the AP Physics exam while we studied at Taco Bell. Kristen’s mom had dropped us off there earlier that afternoon, never once thinking that the power would die. All cells phones were out, and we could not contact our parents.

We had no car, of course ;)

Brasserie Du Vin

1115 Bethel St

Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 545-1115

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