Butterfly Pea / Blue Pea

18630028151_f76611a1c1_cThank you, Bon Appétit (and Amy/Dominique and Elyssa!) for this story on one of my favorite tisanes…the butterfly pea.

Photo above is from one of my corporate R&D sessions. The tisane naturally brews up a deep blue. Squeeze in lemon and then it turns vibrant purple…

14677803017_d52bcf75f7_cThis is what the dried flowers look like (took that photo in Phuket)…

22994885509_852a74c681_c…and in addition to brewing for drinks, butterfly pea is a popular natural food dye.

One example is pulut inti, a Malaysian sweet of sticky rice/coconut/pandan. This one is from Kopitiam in NYC (the owner uses morning glory to tint the rice blue, but it’s more commonly done with butterfly pea.)

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  • Tina
    April 19, 2016

    How much is that pack of blue tea in Phuket?

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