7AM Ride

Here’s the railway I mentioned in my last post. It’s a scenic two-hour trip that runs between Saratoga and North Creek in the Adirondacks. Most trains (especially those in the US) are not worth writing about…but this is another story. 

I mean, how cute is this? White tablecloths, swing music, and those little lamps!

I got on for a 7am morning ride (Ken and Melanie – thanks for driving) in the dome car.

And woke up with a cup of tea. 

Check out these breakfast menus. It was a slow morning so the conductor himself came over to take my order. Wish all trains were this pleasant to ride.

One giant omelette with everything (seriously), peppery home fries, and buttered toast. 

Caught this view halfway through the trip. Serene. Had to stand between cars for the shot…nearly fell off the train.

Best conductor ever. Hope we meet again ^_^

Weekend in the Adirondacks

Have you gone whitewater rafting before? I went for the first time last weekend! I’m not usually an outdoors person but this was so much fun. Even with a sunburn and million mosquito bites, I am already plotting a return trip.

The drive from NYC to the Adirondacks is 5-hours. Or you can take the Amtrak and North Creek Railroad (more on that in the next post) for a total 6-hour trip. We drove up and took the train down, happy to have experienced both. 

I was up there for work (read about it here) and also squeezed in a few more adventures like campfire s’mores…

…and oodles of whipped cream and s’more pie (so many s’more things!) 

…as well as a gondola ride up Gore Mountain.

There was also breakfast at diner in North Creek. I couldn’t decided between eggs-bacon-homefries-toast or French toast…so had both. With an extra side of local maple syrup ;) All of that was fuel for the rafting competition…

Here’s the team I raced with! We had practice lessons the day before, thank goodness. Sadly we did not win (Governor Cuomo won both days)…but we had more than our share of fun rafting down the Indian River.

All in all, a super weekend ^_^