Snapshots from France | Bordeaux and Cognac

15430045672_84356a7495_cHappy Sunday from Kyoto ^-^

15243594379_7e96d08266_cI’ve been in Japan for the last week…though still have adventures to share from Krabi and Charleston (stay tuned :). For now, favorite bites from a quick trip to France.

15243802638_c60f911fe9_cBuckwheat, foie gras, and eggplant at Le Prince Noir in Bordeaux.

15243848497_4a1346473d_c…followed by local trout and brown butter…

15243848917_9fe682bc72_c…and celeriac and black truffles.

15407334436_3c03c91b18_cFor dessert, omelette á la norvégienne for two.

15427203781_bba777fb6c_cA tidy cube, flambéed with brandy and split tableside.

15243850277_5d51e7a897_cDefinitely putting this place on my need-to-return list.

15243754538_3b80decba4_cThe sweetest prawns and risotto at L’Atelier in Cognac…

15243817057_1f0dc28fa6_c…roast chicken with trumpet mushrooms at L’Yeuse.

15427168701_b05b85030f_cAnd Bordeaux poached pears with speculoos cream at Bistro de Claude.

P.S. Second photo from top: a wall of eau de vie in Cognac! Wish I had something like that at home ^-^