Makings of a Tea and Dessert Pairing

24031456056_2ca58f15bf_cA few outtakes from last week’s tea and dessert project with MW Restaurant. I sourced and brewed three teas (current loves…two oolongs and a matcha :) and Michelle created new desserts to pair with each tea. We did a bunch of tweaking and tasting the days leading up to the event…that was my favorite part. Tea is magical alone, but pairing it with food (from sweets to savories, cheese, etc.) allows you to showcase it under a different light. Thank you, Michelle, for being most talented and sweet ^-^

24031432436_72314dc199_cFirst, Mi Lan Xiang from Guangdong. The tea itself is robust and rich with clear honey notes (the name of the tea translates directly to “honey orchid”) evolving in every steep. To pair…

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New York City | Tea Time Ice Cream

15243933767_27734bd42c_cMeet Tea Time, a tea infused ice cream ^-^

15407426876_50e66b2609_cI’ve been working with Eileen Fisher, Chambre de Sucre, and Davey’s Ice Cream to come up with this collaboration.

Here’s how it happened. Eileen Fisher is celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary this year. They brought on Lisa of Chambre de Sucre to create an exclusive tea blend. The celebration took place (last night!) at Eileen Fisher’s original 9th Street location. For the event, we wanted to work with a local ice cream company to infuse the tea into ice cream. And that’s where David aka Davey’s came in. The result is a limited edition run of Tea Time, a vanilla ice cream base cold-steeped with the 9th St. Blend (green tea with ginger root, lemongrass, and lemon myrtle). David also mixed in crushed butter cookies o_O

Best enjoyed with hot fudge and whipped cream.

NYC | Tea-Infused Desserts

We have tea. And we have dessert. And then a few months ago I started noticing a lot of tea in dessert. Tea-infused ice cream, macarons, and pastries are common (especially in Hawai’i and Asia)…

…but tea-based desserts in NYC? It’s about time ^-^

At Boulud Sud, Tyler Atwell uses gunpowder tea for a mint-tea mousse with pine nut biscuits and mint gelato.

He uses chai to make this chocolate-chai cake with a black tea gelato.

In the Dining Room of Gramercy Tavern, Miro makes a velvety custard with matcha and white chocolate. It’s paired with strawberry ice cream and caramelized brioche. 

For the Tavern Room, he does a nectarine cobbler with chamomile ice cream. 

And at wd-50 there’s a lemon-verbena mousse with rhubarb and buckwheat.

Sunny makes grilled corn crème brûlée at Union Square Cafe. Lemon-verbena is infused directly into the custard…

…and if you order the cookie plate, the same custard recipe is used for the crème brûlée scones! Don’t forget about the earl grey truffles. 

One thing is sure: matcha and strawberry makes a killer pairing. 

In addition to the matcha/strawberry combo at Gramercy Tavern, there’s a matcha sable with strawberries in two forms (fresh and powdered “rocks” that melt on your tongue) at Gotham Bar and Grill. Comes with elderflower parfait and yogurt ice cream.

[full post on Gotham Magazine]

NYC | Salted Caramel Macarons with Bouchon Bakery

Tuesday afternoon with Chef Ali of Bouchon Bakery for a little step-by-step of how she makes those legendary salted caramel macarons ^_^

The full post (and original recipe) is here on Gotham Magazine. Italian meringue is key.

We devoured spoonfuls of just-made salted butter caramel and warm macaron shells straight from the oven.

I actually prefer the two components (shells and caramel) separately…

…that butter caramel would be amazing smothered over hot toast. Ohlala o_O

Hôtel Le Bristol Paris and La Maison du Chocolat

Have you seen the new Hôtel Le Bristol Paris and La Maison du Chocolat collaboration?

It’s delicious. Five chocolates, each created from a cocktail by Maxime Hoerth, Head Barman of Le Bar du Bristol:

  • Faubourg | Milk chocolate ganache, passion fruit, vanilla, mango juice, and lemon tree honey 
  • MOF² | Ganache without cream, sweet orange, coconut-accented pineapple
  • Peacock | Fresh raspberries from Ardèche, verbena, and spicy Thai basil
  • Bellini | Creamy ganache with crisp acidity of champagne, notes of silky vineyard peach 
  • So Bristol | Inspired by the signature cocktail of Le Bar du Bristol. Ganache with bergamot, lime, elderberry, and pink grapefruit

The last one (So Bristol) tastes like iced Earl Grey kissed with lime, so flirty and fresh ^_^