Lady M Confections | Mimosa Cake

Meet the Mimosa Cake!

I consult for Lady M Confections (aka the most wonderful cake boutique in the world), and it’s this cake (plus the warmer weather) that makes me all excited for spring. It’s a seasonal treat we bake just for March and April. Alternating layers of vanilla sponge cake and our signature custard come topped with cake cubes. Reminds of porcupines ^_^

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Iceland | omNom Chocolate

Allen brought back chocolate bars from his trip to Iceland. 

It’s called omNom Chocolate. How cute is that? 

The packaging is fun and playful. But most importantly, the chocolate is delicious. 

There was a 66% Madagascar, a 41% Milk with Sea Salted-Almonds…

…and my favorite, 55% Dark Milk with Burned Sugar. The burned sugar comes across as a super dark, almost smoky caramel spun into the chocolate. Ohlalala indeed.

ROYCE’ Chocolate | Namas and Croissants

Ken had the most delicious idea, why don’t we roll up our nama chocolates in croissant dough? We’ll bake it till the soft chocolates ooze out of the sides and eat them straight from the oven. 

Ok, let’s do it!

We used bitter/dark ROYCE’ Nama Chocolates and crescent dough from Whole Foods (we’ll make croissant dough on another occasion ;). 

Roll out the dough and place two nama chocolates on the bottom part of the triangle…

…roll them up nice and smooth.

And bake!

Ahhhhh all golden and crisp, melty namas in every bite. Next time we can try it with champagne namas…or even the matcha/maccha ones! Or maybe one piece matcha and one piece bitter/dark…

P.S. Super mahalo to Allen for all the photos and gifs ^_^

Honolulu, Hawai’i | Orchids at Halekulani

Remember how I said there was more to come about desserts at the Halekulani?

Here it is! ^_^

I’ve mentioned the Coconut Cake (served at Orchids and House Without a Key) a few times in the past. It’s my favorite coconut cake in Honolulu and I make a point to eat it at least once when I’m back home. 

Orchids also does a number of other memorable desserts…check Serious Eats for the full post

There’s the Lychee and Strawberry Fraisier (with green tea sponge cake)…

…and a Lilikoi-Chocolate Bar.

The Chocolate Cream features dark chocolate brownies, whipped milk chocolate, and caramelized apple-bananas…

…and there’s a daily rotation of housemade sorbets and ice cream. I am partial to the calamasi and pineapple ^-^