Oolong for Two

15314376723_2411a2b45f_c (1)A very rainy afternoon. Here we are…

15314381093_4fd9551f5a_c…at this table for two.

15747986869_9d9784dd32_cA cup for me. A cup for you.

15932051351_5988b5220c_cOolong. A winter sprout from Taiwan…

15933365612_8ce0eb1a05_c…sweet as could be. First steep. Maple, cotton candy on the nose…

15314378583_153584c0cc_c…vibrant and velvety on the tongue.

15908217606_79157c72a1_cSecond steep. Softer, gentle…but no less rich.

15932053451_a4272be405_cOnto the third. The fourth! And the fifth. The sixth.

15746728330_f187884283_cPretty soon. The sun is gone, the sky is black. Time for dinner ^-^

Drinking Tea | Pu’erh and Oolongs, Roll Cakes and Strawberry Mochi

[Tea is an essential part of my daily life. I’m lucky to be a position that allows me to try many teas, and I don’t take that for granted. Drinking Tea is a series which highlights teas and tea-related moments I find most memorable.]

1. Friday afternoon at home. The last of our shou pu’erh and fresh strawberry mochi (thank, Cat!)

2.  Dong ding oolong and chocolate roll cake from Lawson Station.

3. At Four Seasons Hualalai, ‘ULU Ocean Grill offers three tisanes (mint, ginger, and kaffir-lime), paired with lemon and Big Island honey. Ginger is always my first choice. Don’t miss baked alaska and chocolate soufflé for dessert. 

4.  Drinking Wuhe honey black from Hualien, Taiwan. Finally put the teapot we got from Health Ceramics to use. Wish I could bring it back with me to NYC…

5. Gaiwan travel set which dad brought home from his most recent trip to China. Thank you ^_^

Drinking Tea | Red Blossom, Ippodo, Blackbird Tea Co., Lupicia

I think the best part of waking up each morning is walking to the kitchen counter and thinking ahhh what tea shall I drink today? Get the kettle going, tea cups out (or just a big mug), and a bite of something sweet. It’s a morning ritual. Notes on a few teas I’ve been lucky to try this week. 

1. Pu’erh from Red Blossom Tea Company (a must visit tea shop if you are in San Francisco).

2.  Noelle/Josh have been brewing me ginseng oolong in the mornings. Thanks, guys!

3.  Little shots of Uji-Shimizu at Ippodo just before flying NYC -> SF

4. The soothing Marrakech Mint from the folks at Blackbird Tea Co. It’s a green tea blend with both peppermint and spearmint. Also pictured, the Chai Rojo!

5. Kat brought Lupicia’s Sakura Vert from Japan (thank you!) when we met earlier this summer. Salted cherry blossoms and green tea, what a lovely combination. Been pairing this with butter mochi ^_^