This Week in Hawaii I

I sometimes forget that this site started off (in 2005) as a personal blog, mainly about what I love to eat while home in Hawaii.

There were many posts on Palama Market (which I still visit weekly), breakfast at Cinnamon’s (Cinnamon’s isn’t as good anymore, we like Over Easy now), and the Zippy’s + Nisshodo combo. I’ve aged 13 years since then but still love local food as much as ever. Possibly even more? Yes.

I’ve been home a lot lately (trying to nail down this perfect schedule where I can evenly divide time between Hawaii, SF, and NYC). Wouldn’t it be cool if we could teleport? The older I get the more I appreciate how amazing and special local food is.

On Monday I got this bento from Ookini, a new musubi/bento shop in Waikiki. It’s called the “All Star” bento. Clockwise from top left: salmon/egg/spam, pickles/fishcake, chicken karaage, mac/potato salad (so vinegary, love it!), and the rice. Cute rice, yeah? Ookini rents out…

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