All the Details V

1. The bar at

…where skrei is on the menu for a limited time.

2. A friend’s happy, happy birthday at MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental New York.

3. Morning croissant at

Dominique Ansel Bakery


4. A well-deserved facial at 

Erno Laszlo


5. My favorite cannolis in NYC…

…are from


. Huge thanks to Diana for bringing these from Bensonhurst :)

6. I’m loyal to Kiehl’s when it comes to lip balm, but recently I’ve been also using Aesop’s 

Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

 as second layer of protection (these crazy cold winter winds!) This doesn’t replace my Kiehl’s but I love the soft cream, and the faint rose and citrus notes are an added bonus ^_^

Hermès Travel Set | Jardin sur le Toit and Jardin sur le Nil

How beautiful (and practical!) are these Hermès travel-sized scents?

Hermès normally offers Jardin sur le Toit and Jardin sur le Nil in a travel set of 4-0.5 ounce bottles. But if you fly ANA (business or first), the in-flight shopping offers a


set. Two each of Jardin sur le Toit and Jardin sur le Nil. Best of both worlds.

The eau de toilettes are unisex, and I tend to gravitate more towards these types of scents (like the

The Jardin collection is actually composed of four different scents released over a four-year period. It’s a shame they don’t offer all four scents in the set so you could have one bottle of each ^_^ Listed in order of creation:


Jardin en Méditerranée

| Summery with orange blossoms, bergamot, and fig leaves.


Jardin sur le Nil

 | Think lotus, green mangoes, and grapefruit.


Jardin après la Mousson

| Ginger, cardamom, coriander, pepper and vetiver.


Jardin sur le Toit

 | Fruity and vegetal, apple is the key note. Inspired by the rooftop garden of the Hermès headquarters (24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré).

Let’s have one more second to swoon over the packaging…

And if you’re curious, check out 

The Perfect Scent

. It’s written by Chalder Burr, perfume critic for New York Times. Half the book follows the story of 

Jean-Claude Ellena

 (the Hermès “nose”) and how he developed Jardin sur le Nil. Fascinating!

All the Details IV

1. Dessert at

Gotham Bar and Grill

. The stunning Sable Breton comes with braeburn apples and oatmeal crumble. Complete with a quenelle of maple ice cream.

2. An afternoon of espresso and good conversation.

3. Morning croissant from

Dean & Deluca


5. Lancôme’s

Bienfait Aqua Vital

, a hydrating cold weather blessing.

4. Panna Cotta at

Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

. Silky and supple, topped with 10-year aged balsamico.

6. And a proper 

Porter House

lunch with April ^_^

All the Details III

1. On my walk to


, balloons along Washington Square Park North.

2. Tocca is better known for feminine scents, but I love the 007. They no longer carry it in-store, but you can still find it online. Think soft leather, so masculine.

P.S. Someone asked about tea-scented candles last week…I’ll post on that soon.

3. Buttery sea salt croissant from

Smile To Go

. Far from a classic (more like a crescent than a croissant), but delicious in it’s own way.

4. The menu at


 is full of dream pairings. Think

ikura and bone marrow

on brioche, burrata wrapped in beef carpaccio (pictured), and 

uni with spaghetti


5. Shades of yellow at a dinner party.

6. Hot drinks (my favorite part of winter!) at

The Modern


First, Cross & Bones made from Jamaican rum, mulling spices, brown sugar, and whole milk. Drop the clove-studded lemon peel into the concoction and sip away.

Next, The Modern Toddy.

A glass arrives at the table, empty save for a pair of

pear-vanilla gelées

. Then the waiter fills it up with a toddy of straight rye and lemon. Stir to melt the gelée, divine!

All the Details II

1. A new hairpiece from C.O. Bigelow ^_^

I usually shy away from accessories, but this was much too curious to pass on. I had the line of pink beads removed (too much color) though I love the simplicity.

2. Another batch of marbled tea eggs…so good for weekday breakfast.

3. Lovely linen-scented candles from Shann.

.4. Dumplings on a Sunday morning, sticking to my tried and true formula.

5. Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy was originally designed for in-flight use, but the bright, spicy scent is just right for a pick/wake/shake-me-up throughout the day. Roll on wrists, neck, and right behind your ears.

6. A box of treasures from Éclat ChocolateClockwise from top-left:

  •  Shiraz Truffle
  •  Peruvian Pure Nacional Truffle (2)
  •  Dark Caramel

Look at that caramel ooze o_O