Istanbul | Tea in Turkey



‘s trip to

Madrid, Seville, and London


Well she just came back from Istanbul (another adventure!) last week…

…with beautiful photos. Tea culture in Istanbul is inspiring. Or like D said…

“The tea culture – more like lifestyle – is nothing I have ever seen. Not even England can compete! People stop for tea anywhere, everywhere. From policemen to fishermen.”

Turkish tea (


) is a black tea from the Black Sea coast. It’s brewed in a double-stacked kettle (


) and served with plenty of sugar in a tulip-shaped glass.

In Kadakoy, D found a small park by Galata Bridge where vendors can set up tea “shops” without permits. Not legal, no matters ;)

I wish the tea culture in NYC was this vibrant. Could you imagine stopping for a glass in Washington Square Park? Now


would be amazing.

P.S. See more of

D’s photo work here

…I am lucky to call her a friend ^_^