Afternoon Tea at The St. Regis Mexico City

Wednesdays are the best days for afternoon tea.

Right in the middle of the week, right in the middle of the afternoon. At The St. Regis Mexico City, afternoon tea is served in the atrium. Sunlight, floor to ceiling glass windows (even more beautiful when it’s thunder-storming outside…because candles are then lit!), velvety slate couches, sliver, and mirrors everywhere you look.

Sandwiches first. Classics. Curried chicken and smoked salmon with cream cheese.

Tea is by the ever-popular tealeaves…a Canadian company which has cornered the entire tea market for hotels.

Here it comes, rolled to the atrium. Will have to get myself one of those teapots.

They do a special St. Regis blend for the hotel which couples earl grey with lavender.

Warms scones. Some plain and plush. Others dotted in sweet currants.

Housemade jams. Strawberry and blueberry…the guava was my favorite.

And heavy whipped cream (no devonshire here).

Petit fours. Macarons, pâte de fruit, and tiny cookies. Cacao shortbread, another with a heart of jam, and tea cookies sandwiched together with a dab of chocolate ganache.

Mexico City: Rosetta in Roma

Lunch at Rosetta in Roma today….I wish we had more time to wander around this neighborhood. The architecture is gorgeous and I can’t believe how many art galleries and cafés are in the area. Will have to make a return trip to Mexico City soon. Everything people told me about the city being dangerous and unsafe couldn’t be further from the truth. Use common sense when traveling and you’ll be fine. Besides, it’s only a five-hour flight from NYC.

House-baked bread…my favorite was one that tasted exactly like the pizza bianca from Sullivan Street Bakery.

Aracini (with a pocket of molten tomato sauce in the very center)…

…cornmeal-dusted calamari and zucchini…

…and a salad of shaved artichokes and parmesan to share.

For our entrees: roasted lamb with zucchini, peppers, and potatoes.

And this salt-crust sea bass…

…ta-dah! A heavy drizzle of olive oil at the table.

I thought I was full until I saw the dessert menu. All you need is a cup of hot tea to make extra stomach space. We’re drinking lapsang souchong today.

A trio of little lemon cannolis…

…and a raspberry mille-feuille. Rosetta serves mille-feuille on Saturdays only, so plan accordingly ;)

Mexico City: Biko

I am not sure why 99% of my photos from our dinner at Biko are completely out of focus…but suffice it to say we had an excellent time. The concierge at the St. Regis was great, confirming us a reservation for our part of three just hours before dinner. We originally wanted to visit Pujuol but that was out of the question as they were booked beyond booked. Perhaps next time.

At Biko we ordered the eight-course tasting menu and added two foie gras dishes a la carte. “Mushrooms and Celery” to start. The bread service…first time, second time.

Foie Gras Cotton Candy…

…followed by Foie Gras Mousse with sliced figs and rice crackers.

White and Green Asparagus in multiple forms.

Crisp Jamón Ibérico, squid, and rice cooked in squid ink.

Onion soup with cotija cheese bread. Before…

(The two bigger balls are filled with liquid hot cheese, the smaller ones are solid.)

…and after.

Sea bass with pipián sauce.


…and then tuna with crispy huitaloche.

A spongy corn cake (dotted in corn kernels) with corn cracker and guava cream poured tableside.

Then churros, little strawberry clouds, and ginger gelée to finish!

Jean-Georges in Mexico City

JG Grill opened in the St. Regis last week – it’s the first Jean-Georges restaurant in Latin America (the chef is from NYC). We visited for a tasting our first night in Mexico City. Uni, avocado, salmon, foie gras, tuna ribbons…and all the desserts.

Uni layered over black bread with jalapeño and yuzu.

Salmon sashimi over crisp rice, a dab of chipotle mayonnaise in the middle.

Tuna cut into long ribbons, paired with spicy radish and a ginger marinade.

Steamed shrimp with beurre blanc. A salad of avocados and enoki mushrooms, and a champagne dressing

Avocado pizza on a cracker-thin crust with jalapeño, cilantro, and lime.

A roasted corn ravioli with basil broth and a tomato and red onion salad.

Seared halibut with black beans cooked in peppers and herbs.

Foie gras brulée served over brioche with roasted strawberries and balsamic vinegar…

…and then onto dessert!!

J&G Cheesecake with lemon cream, blueberry sorbet, and fresh blueberries.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sundae. The big scoops in a bath of chocolate fudge sauce, topped with peanuts, candied popcorn and whipped cream. You can also find this exact same dessert at ABC Kitchen in NYC.

Mango Upside-Down Cake with both basil ice cream and mango sorbet.

Macerated Cherries, pistachio ice cream, and almond cream.

Warm Chocolate Cake and vanilla ice cream…a Jean-Georges classic.

And last but not least, Macerated Strawberries with fresh mint, sour cream-poppy seed sorbet and dots of crisp meringue.

Mexico City: Taqueria El Faraon in Condesa

These are for the tacos. Fresh avocados in abundance.

(Can you believe avocados are $2.50 each at Whole Foods in NYC?)

And these are the halved limes and housemade salsas. There are four salsas in total and they range from spicy to very spicy. Don’t forget…

…the black beans…

…and the caramelized onions.

Here what Aletia deemed “crispy cheese!” I don’t know the formal name, but it’s hard not to love. Like the shell of a dosa, only made with one ingredient: cheese.

Are you ready for the tacos?

Al pastor!

Forgive me, I’m not a purist when it comes to tacos. Load everything on. Avocado, squeeze of lime, two salsas. A sip of Coke and then devour.

Bistec con queso!

Ready to eat.

And then, Arrachera! This was my favorite.

Can’t lay off the fresh avocados.

I had a whole avocado (with a sprinkle of sugar) for breakfast this morning. Couple with a pot of oolong tea, and that is the breakfast of champions.