NYC | Ichimura At Brushstroke

Sushi night with Allen and Lisa. Ichimura!

Ready to omakase? Here we go ^_^

Zensai (Ankimo, Bonito, Mirugai, and Baby Squid)…

…and Sashimi (Otoro, Kinmedai, Tai, Engawa, and Abalone).

Chawan mushi with crab, ginger, and black truffles.

Kinmedai / Golden Eye Snapper

Sea Bream…

…and Baby Sardine.


…and Sayuri / Needle Fish.

Spanish Mackerel…

…and Akamutsu.

Tuna marinated in soy sauce for 35 minutes…

…and tiny sweet shrimp. 


…and Hokkaido Uni!




…and Anago.

Three types of tuna, layered on top of one another o_O


And for dessert, matcha ice cream with white chocolate and nigori sake affogato.

Here’s what the ice cream looks like after it’s affogato-ized

…and hojicha pudding with kuromame and toasted buckwheat kernels ^_^

NYC | Ushiwakamaru

Saturday at the bar of Ushiwakamaru. Omakase with Allen ^_^

Compare with recent sushi adventures: Nakazawa and Sushi ii (first visit, second visit).

Let’s begin! Kampachi…

…and Akamai, soy-cured.








Giant Clam

Sockeye Salmon, seared and soy-cured

King Crab


Hokkaido Uni

Last bite, Anago ^_^

Another (Santa Barbara) Uni Dinner

It’s time for another uni dinner.

But this time we’re getting a little more creative. We’re making:

  • uni chawanmushi
  • uni-lardo toast
  • tarte tatin (no uni)

The chawanmushi didn’t come out so well last time. But this time…no complaints! All wobbly, no bubbles, and super silky. Topped with Santa Barbara uni.

And then we got to work on the uni-lardo toast (all the ingredients are from Eataly). Slice, toast, and brush with fresh rosemary sprigs and olive oil. 

Lay on the uni and lardo. 

Torch until the lardo gets all melty. Sprinkle with Maldon, squeeze a bit of lemon, and devour.

Gotta have rice on the side with…

…all the fixings.

And then it’s time for dessert!!

Allen made one of my favorites…

…tarte tatin.

Going into the oven…

…and out of the oven. Flip over…

…and let cool for a little bit (but not too long ;)

Slice and serve with plenty of crème fraîche.

Ahhhhh. Most delicious ^_^

NYC | Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa! A very fitting first meal back in NYC.

22 pieces with sake pairings. Needless to say, it was a memorable and tipsy evening. Shall we begin?

Sake #1!

1 | Salmon

2 | Hay-smoked Chum Salmon from Hokkaido

Sake #2!

3 | Hotate from Maine

4 | Torched Geoduck from Washington

5 | Kohada

6 | Kinmedai

7 | Hirame

Sake #3!

8 | Kisu

9 | Aji

10 | Saba…

…here it comes!

11 | Ika

12 | Madagascar Shrimp

Sake #4!

13 | Shima Aji

14 | Katsuo

15 | Akami

16 | Marinated Chutoro

17 | Otoro 

Sake #5!

18 | Santa Barbara Uni!

19 | Ikura!

20 | Anago!

21 | And the famous Tamago.

22 | For my very last piece…more Uni! Heehee.

Finishing on a sweet note with pineapples. 

Happy birthday, Allen ^_^

Honolulu, Hawai’i | Sushi ii, Part II

Two nights after Sushi ii with Martha, I went back with Allen. We omakase’d again and Steve made sure there wasn’t too much repetition. And there was triple uni!! Let’s get started…

…with Shima-Aji.




Alaskan snow crab and raw king crab, both with honey-miso

Baked king crab

Hokaaido scallop

New Zealand langoustine

Argentine langoustine with uni

Ikura and salmon

Mentaiko and a raw quail egg

Triple uni! Can you tell which is which? Left to right: Hokkaido, Santa Barbara, and Maine

And for dessert…wagyu ^_^