Chengdu | Temple Cuisine at Mi Xun

21125806706_97017e9750_cEasily my favorite meal from this trip to Chengdu. Mi Xun serves classic temple cuisine made lighter and more vibrant. Tiny plates, bring a friend, share a dozen. And don’t forget to stay for tea. Highlights from the menu include…

21125778296_bef91f19f3_cMenu highlights include iced sweet tomatoes…

20530909763_efb58c1436_c…and pickled radishes.

20529361754_aac3c2a945_cPickled carrots and potatoes.

20965223949_e3f3df91e9_cSpinach and tofu sheet salad.

20530912143_729b22ea8e_cMarinated mushrooms, nuts, and wheat gluten…heaven!

21125784896_eaaa955d62_cCold tofu and chopped tea eggs.

20530907073_3fbd1dc56f_cMarinated black wood ear fungus.

21125799996_3258d6364a_cPickled cucumbers.

21152007635_8f8a4498f9_cSichuan cold noodles…

21159820841_4dcf878744_c…and kidney beans with Chinese kale.

21125793486_f9f53c5d21_cCordycep flowers and vegetable salad.

20963873690_898c4348bc_cIced grass, white fungus, and chestnut salad.

21125758646_9e87d2dc54_cMulti-grain rice steamed in lotus leaves.

20963853750_fe7198fab2_cMushroom soup with baby rose petals.

20963844740_85c7628bc2_cSweet to share…

20965170099_bee70bfc68_c…sun cakes in fig, cranberry, and red bean.

20529300254_24ae9126a0_cChinese shortcrust cakes with pineapple.

21125743596_6b09aa009e_cCoconut panna cotta steamed with papaya. Topped with lime zest.

20964058208_1a37cf8067_cFresh almond pudding with mango puree.

21141744452_e9ae69bf50_cSichuan iced jelly (my favorite Sichuan dessert!)

21141737762_828fda0e4e_cChilled mango sago cream with pomelo.

21125763526_fd01778c91_cAnd more green teas from the Sichuan province. More on Mi Xun’s tea service in the next post ^-^

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