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Snapshots from dinner at Alinea. Kristen and I scored reservations the day before…just in time to celebrate 15 years of dining out together. It was meant to be.

 Let’s begin! Char roe with banana pudding, lilikoi foam, and ginger. 


…with citrus aromas and fourteen textures.

Lobster with curry, earl grey, and grapefruit…

…and a warm fire in the middle of the table. 

Turned out the “logs” were charred parsnips…

…and wagyu! Served with black trumpet mushrooms and konbu.

Chef’s take on orange chicken…with sweetbreads. All crisp on the outside and so savory, creamy on the inside. With lily bulbs and mustard.

Hot potato and cold potato with butter and black truffle.

My favorite course? The duck. Served five ways: confit, neck, breast, mousse, and foie gras…

…with 60 accompaniments. Such fantasy!

Palate cleanser: ginger with five other flavors.

Pumpkin puree tempura with vanilla, maple, and pumpkin seeds. 

Pistachio with lemon curd, mascarpone, strawberry, and black walnut cake.

The balloon! Plenty of helium and green apple. And Kristen.

Then comes the milk chocolate…

ta-dah. A tart with pâte sucrée, violets, and hazelnuts. 

Finishing with a blend of rose hips and chamomile.

Till next time ^_^

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