China | Simao / Pu’er, Yunnan

15558446967_9834444175_cWe’re at a processing plant/showroom in Pu’er, Yunnan* today.

20743738655_9b601769ae_cThis was the scene for most of the day (definitely not complaining)…

20734116242_c43c4c0864_c…breaking open pu’erh cakes…

15743606285_242727ef31_c…and checking out a new product line. So much innovation. Love the single-serving cakes.

15557752949_bbff1d7196_cCup after cup…

15558467877_b4e942083a_c…breaking only for a lunch of noodle soup.

15558775650_9e17d0907d_cThen back to the table…

15743628025_2c18795ecd_c…favorites picked, settled!

15741722971_dd758f7912_cWe drove to the gardens to look at new farms they’re working with…

15557763569_a0f4a54868_c…super lush…


15558432427_8a3ca93d84_cHere’s a view of the whole Pu’erh city.

15719878796_99142a3aa9_cWe spent most nights at homes near the tea operations (about two hours outside of the city center). On the last evening we stayed in the city at New Century Pu’er Resort. Only in Yunnan would you find a hotel centered around tea ^-^

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*The city name of Pu’er name was changed to Simao during the revolution in the 1950s. It was changed back to Pu’er in 2007. The airport is called Pu’er Simao Airport.

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  • Katie
    September 2, 2015

    Saw your profile / pu-ehr feature in the NYT today! Congratulations! So lovely.

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