Cooking with Tea | Lapsang Souchong Salmon

Here’s a dish that is simple (crazy simple!!) to make. And looks super impressive ^_^

It involves four ingredients: salmon, salt, sugar, and tea. 

Grind 2 tablespoons lapsang souchong tea (use spice grinder or food processor). Mix with 3 tablespoons salt and 2 tablespoons sugar.

Rub it all over half-pound of salmon. I buy most of my seafood from Lobster Place.

In the ideal world I’d shop at Lobster Place every afternoon and make an awesome fish dish for dinner every night. But until then…

Make sure the top, bottom, and sides are covered. Place skin-side down in a dish. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Wake up early the next morning, it is time for breakfast!

Gently rinse the salmon under cold running water to remove excess salt/sugar/tea. But you want to keep a tiny bit it on for extra flavor. Plus, it looks better. 

Slice thin and serve. We ate it with roasted tomatoes and scrambled eggs ^_^

  • Kate
    March 30, 2014

    I really appreciate how Lobster Place educates the customer about fishing practices and sustainability. This looks so easy and delicious… I’ve been wanting to cure my own salmon for a while after once making salmon shiozake. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kathy YL Chan
      March 31, 2014

      Yes! And it’s just all around good quality seafood and service ^_^Def give the recipe a tryit’s so straightforward and simple. And I think I’m craving salmon shiozake right now haha

  • Eva
    April 10, 2014

    Does it have to be lapsang souchong tea? Or any type of black tea would work?

    • Practical Pirate
      December 22, 2016

      The lapsang souchong tea is smoked. It is what brings the smoke to the party.

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