…slumped over the desk at my audit work room on the corner of 46th & Park. Everyone in the city who is from Hawaii has gone. To the warm. To the, sob, beach. To the Ala Moana Food Court. Waialae Avenue. Okazuyas.

I miss. Driving home to the Manoa Valley. Andy’s sandwiches. My grandma. Okoshi. The Kahala Mall Long’s. Bentos. Lunch with my mom. Bank of Hawaii. Curry House. Ani’s Sweetbread. Peaceful mornings alone with chow funn. Taro Rolls. The bestest bread pudding in the world. KCC Farmers market. Chinatown. Ohta Wafers. Bughughuhgu. I even miss the H1 Freeway. And the long Kapiolani Blvd exit off-ramp. One char siu bao, please.

Currently: reading Ono Kine Grindz. reading The Tasty Island.

About ready: to burst into tears.

Please: take me hooooooome to Hawaii :(

  • SicklyBug & Cassaendra
    December 21, 2007

    Hi Kathy!Hey you got us! Ok, not very much of a comparison between home and NY. :P You’ve made me reminisce about going with my parents to Ono to eat lau lau, to Sunrise for the souki soba; or sitting with my aunt and uncle at Longhi’s for a leisurely brunch with the cloudless bright blue horizon and their Grand Marnier french toast or Jimbo for fresh udon; or… Ahhh!- Cassaendra

  • anonymous
    December 21, 2007

    Hi Kathy, Didnt you get those virtual musubis that I sent to you ?Hope you feel much better when your family comes!Leave asap and pick a can of spam :)go home cook rice and fry da spam and make musubis :)take care

  • J. Lo
    December 21, 2007

    hey, give me a list of things you want me to send you and i can send you stuff while i’m back home. :)

  • KirkK
    December 22, 2007

    Hey Kathy – I agree with Shar….you need a Spam musubi transfusion ASAP! Being homesick is a terrible thing……

  • K & S
    December 22, 2007

    I hear you, Kathy!! This time of year is totally homesick season for me too. Make some spam musubi, it should tide you over for a bit…Hang in there!!

  • Tina
    December 22, 2007

    Awww…hang on there, hon!You’ll be okay. [pat pat on the shoulder]You’re family’s visiting soon. Yay! So it ain’t Hawaii but your loved ones are coming! :DBtw, do follow what other commenters have mentioned, make yourself some Spam musubis, ASAP!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 22, 2007

    Hey Cassaendra!Oh man. Sunrise!! and Ono’s!! Never made it to Longhi’s, but the french toast has been on my list of ‘want-to-eat’ for the longest time. Too long. Ahhh, those were good days :)Hey Shar!Yes, super thank you – they were mmmm delicious! hehe. My musubi maker is back home in Manoa…but my parents are coming soon, with many musubi makers in tow, almost there! :)Justin!Thank you for the offer – you’re an awesome friend! :) My family’s coming next week and I’ve sent a list to them…but I’m taking you up on that offer next time, hehe ;)Hey Kirk!Someone needs to inject some musubis (like the spam fried crunchy!!) and a double dose of aloha spirit into me, hehe :)Hey Kat!Must be something to do with the winter months, serve lack of day light and wind – today was so windy I thought I was going to fly away (back home to Hawaii I hoped! :)Tina!thank yoouuuu!! :) and good luck with everything tomorrow (exams…and you know what else! ;)

  • J. Lo
    December 22, 2007

    damn straight. you’d better tell me. don’t try to be polite, i hate it when people do that.

  • reid
    December 23, 2007

    Kathy,Don’t be sad. You’ll be back to visit soon enough. When I first lived in NY, I used to find every excuse to come home. After a while, the flight time got the better of me and I stopped flying home on long weekends.I’m actually envious of you. Why? I love NYC just as much as I love it here.

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