Dad and I went for dinner at 101 Noodle in Rowland Heights last Friday. We were thinking to drive out to Alhambra for more options, but aiya, the traffic was so terrible!

We settled for a rather light meal, our stomachs still stuffed from an afternoon of food foraging in Hollywood. 101’s menu lists over twenty varieties of dumplings and we thought it be proper to sample the basic pork and leek dumplings. Priced at $5.99 for an order of 10, they were pricey, but also this is no Taiwan! The dumpling skins were thick and somewhat floury. Not disagreeable in flavor, but for place that touts such a wide variety you would think more effort be invested in the skin. The blend of pork and leeks were generous and very juicy, if not too tightly packed.

In hopes of soothing my sore throat (which has now turned into strep throat!) we also had medium order of the hot and sour soup. It seems that in our family, only dad and I are fans of hot and sour soup, so we try to get it every chance we can. A huge bowl came out steaming hot, and just looking at it, you could already tell how good it would taste. So delicious it was, flavorful, thick and rich with an abundance of silky slivers of tofu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and a flowering of egg whites everywhere. If it were an endless bowl, I might very well never stop drinking.

Our order of ja jiang mien was standard at best. A very big bowl though! There was nothing bad, nor particularly wrong, but it was very boring, and almost lifeless after the many bowls of invigorating soup. Or perhaps it was because I craved something spicy, maybe if they had thrown in a generous round of chili peppers so that they would be brilliantly embedded and twirled in with the nidbits of tofu, sweet pork and julienned cucumbers, even better if it the peppers came tossed in the noodles themselves!

101 Noodle Express
1388 Fullerton Road., #122
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 964-9218

  • Chubbypanda
    November 30, -0001

    My Taiwanese soul cries for those dumplings.

  • henrychan888
    March 5, 2007

    hehehe… i was just at 101 Noodle in Alhambra last week. You shoulda come down to Alhambra for some yummy J&J dumplings!!!! 101 was mediocre in my opinion. We had the wild vegetable and pork dumplings, pig’s feet noodle soup, and ox-tail noodles. The dumplings were 8/10, but the noodles were 7/10… to alhambra next time :p

  • anonymous
    March 5, 2007

    The last time I was at 101 Noodle in Rowland was during Chinese New Year…and boy that place was packed! I liked the food though, especially the “beef roll” which is basically marinated beef stuffed in onion pancakes with sauce. It is sooooo good! Maybe you should order that the next time you go! On another note, I was just at Mix Bowl this past Saturday because my sister had a dream we were eating there…so apparently we had to go.I was suprised because it looks like they have changed the decor! They actually have normal colored booths and chairs now! Much better on the eyes. However, the food is another story. We ordered two duck rice plates, pad thai, fried tofu, and squid salad. I had forgotten how bad it was. Was the pad thai always bright orange with cottage-cheese-esque lumps of egg mixed in there? It looked (and nearly tasted) like vomit! Everything else was mediocre at best. But yeah…you are so lucky your dad enjoys fooding with you. I only wish my own family enjoyed good food too.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    March 5, 2007

    Hey Henry!aw man, no fair! I think they should just pick up the entire claremont college campus and moooove it over to Alhambra!oh! I didn’t know the biggest menu site was yours! Silly me, I’ve been poking around those pictures all the time, should have made the connection sooner!I’d come to Alhambra EVERYDAY if I had a car :(…but I figured how to catch the train to union square…and even koreatown. when there’s a will there’s a way! maybe we could meet up for a meal one day? let me know! kathyylchan@gmail.comHey Jackie!oooh, I had the beef roll my first visit there, you’re right – it is so good! I should have ordered that in place of the dumplings!Mix Bowl isn’t neon colored with rainbow plastic plates anymore?! whaaa, I might actually have to convince someone to drive me down there and see, heehee. That was one scary pad thai I got for delivery last time, you’re cottage cheese observation is right on the mark. eww. noodles and cottage cheese. hehehe ;)

  • anonymous
    March 6, 2007

    You know, between everything in this post, and everything in the last post, I was getting dizzy scrolling up and down between the two in my newsreader. Nem, Mr. Baguette, CHA!!! I’m always learning new things from you, and only regret not having stuck it out when I moved to LA years and years ago. Was too homesick for Hawaii, plus at that time, I had no clue about anything food!

  • Anuhea
    March 7, 2007

    mmm…noodles, yummy!

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