Do You Work from Home? aka Dealing with Jackhammering

outside our window

Do many of you work from home? I’ve been doing so for three years now and I have to say, it’s much more enjoyable than working in a corporate office. Especially the ones where your little cubicle is on the 40th floor and you have to swipe cards and past security guards before getting in. Or the ones where you work at a client site and they shove you in the basement or company kitchen because there’s “no more space.” Actually the kitchen part wasn’t so bad – only three feet away from the fully-stocked fridge and first dibs at catered lunches hah. The only thing I really miss about working in a corporate environment was the diversity of co-workers and an endless supply of Diet Coke and Haagen Dazs bars.

messy desk, candles on dark weather days

Perks of working from home includes not getting properly dressed until noon (only sometimes!), storing your tea in a wall shelf behind the desk, burning candles on dark weather days when normal lights are decidedly boring, rarely needing to lug around a laptop, never forgetting/leaving behind things in the office. Basically having all your stuff in one place. I like to mix work/professional and play/personal, everything together. Mentally maintaining two separate lives is difficult, and I don’t say that sarcastically.

breakfast at home on Wednesday morning

There are downsides as well. Such as the jackhammering. The entrance to our building is on Mercer Street, which is wonderful and quiet. The other side is Broadway, the complete opposite of Mercer. Cabs driving south all hours of the day. The jackhammering started in June. It continued and by the time August rolled around, I was used to it. In fact, the daily 8am start of jackhammering functioned as my alarm clock and rhythm for the workday. But then it went away in September and for awhile I was pretty thrown off. It was actually difficult to get work done without the steady, rapid dum-dum-dum of the jack-hammer. Then I got used to the quiet again, peaceful, thank goodness.

But this morning! It started again! I thought I was going to go crazy. I checked with the construction worker downstairs and apparently the jackhammering will continue until December. A blessing or a curse? I really don’t know :)

  • anonymous
    September 28, 2011

    I am home today – my day off. I do have computer-related stuff to catch up on before heading out to do errands. Right now, I hear a truck backing up – endlessly – and trash removal. Last week – small construction vehicles going back and forth. Jackhammering? At least 6 months of it as they "fixed" our weathered lanais, then patched any "spalls". For 4 months of that, I was unemployed and at home most of the time. Don't know that work is any quieter. Libraries seem to be near hospitals and fire stations, or major freeway off/on ramps!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 29, 2011

    Hi Soos! Hope you enjoyed the day off, regardless of the truck backing up heheh ^_^ I thought I was REALLY going to go nuts last night when the jackhammering started back up at midnight! o_O!

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