Doughnut Diet

A few weeks ago, Robyn and I took down the city’s doughnuts on a weekend excursion. Starting in the wee hours of Saturday morning at Trois Pommes in Park Slope, we were greeted with ploofs of warm sugar dusted jelly doughnuts before trekking our way through Brooklyn…7th Ave Donut Shop, Mike’s Donuts…all the way to Bay Ridge, back into Manhattan and then, with the sun going down, we ended at Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint.

Of course, we made sure to rest our okoles for a midday break from intense doughnut consumption with a hefty lunch at Shopsin’s before moving up to Union Square and then the Upper West Side. Earlier that same week I did a mini bomboloni tour, coupled with a few odds and ends in the East Village and Upper East Side.

The results?

Find our guide to the Best Doughnuts in New York right here on Serious Eats. I’m happy to discover that while I may have suffered from slight doughnut fatigue the few days following our adventures, I am in fact, not the least bit tired of these fried wonders. In fact, I’m having one for breakfast right now! My favourite in the end is Doughnut Plant (the cake, not yeast doughnuts), though Trois Pommes comes awfully close and I do love bombolonis from both Sullivan Street Bakery and Caffe Falai. Oh! And not to forget – the weekend creations at Bouchon Bakery are surely worth a detour.

That’s it for now…hope you’re having a delicious week! :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    November 30, -0001

    Hey Kat!OOo, yeah, you should – it's so tasty!! :)Hey Lunch Buckets!Hahah – I bet it's a great convo starter, hehe ^_^Hey Wonders!Thanks! First time I've had short hair in a decade! o_O Haha, the metabolism is slowing down, but I'm milking it for all it's worth ;) Danny!Ooo yes, you live so close! Go early & eat plenty! :D

  • K and S
    October 23, 2008

    mmm I’m going to see if the Doughnut Plant in Tokyo has the donut you mentioned.

  • Lunch Buckets
    October 24, 2008

    “doughnut fatigue” – gotta work that into conversation sometime soon!

  • anonymous
    October 24, 2008

    OMG I dont know how you eat so many doughnuts and not get fat! I saw your new hair cut on Robyn’s page and you look great! -=D

  • anonymous
    October 24, 2008

    now i have to try trois pommes t his weekend!

  • umami
    October 26, 2008

    I love doughnuts too, wish I was there to taken them down as well.

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