Eating in Lana’i City

One place you must visit…Poke Shop!

The official name is Lana’i ‘Ohana Poke Market but everyone calls it Poke Shop.

Here’s a look at the menu. The owners (and his friends) catch the fish themselves so the amount of poke available for sale differs each day.

On our first visit we had the basic poke bowl: rice and two types of poke. I picked furikake (left) and spicy ahi (right)…

…while Pierre had the shoyu (left) and Maui onion (right). SO good. I wish someone would open a poke place in NYC. Maybe replace that pizza place on the corner of 8th and Broadway with something like  or Poke Stop.

On our second visit I had the poke bowl deluxe…one choice poke with teri beef and mac salad on rice. The teri beef was “fancy” teri beef. Not the  you get with plate lunch. This was an extra fatty cut stewed till fall-apart soft.

Pierre ordered the regular bowl with limu and spicy ahi poke.

On our third visit (impossible to tire of poke!) we decided to get creative and order a la carte. A quarter pound each of the furikake poke…

…and spicy ahi poke….

A half pound of the teri ika/squid…

…and seaweed salad.

And then scoops of rice on the side because spicy ahi poke needs rice. All that sesame, shoyu, and chili-laced mayo has to to get slathered on something.

Poke Shop opens at 10am and closes at 3pm. Weekdays only…

…so on the weekend, walk to the other side of Dole Park (you can walk the entire Lana’i City in five minutes ;) for Blue Ginger.

The entire town congregates here on the weekends.

Big omelets and flaky turnovers for breakfast. Blueberry! Cherry! Apple! A little glaze on the top. Go early to get them hot.

And then come back for lunch…

…when they do local goodies like kalua pig plate lunch with mac salad…

…and steaming bowls of saimin. Kamaboko, egg, spam, cabbage, and green onion.

Where to find post-lunch coffee? Right around the corner at Coffee Works ^_^

  • K and S
    January 19, 2013

    *swoon* everything looked so good!

  • anonymous
    January 20, 2013

    You've never commented on whether Mr. P liked Hawaii or the foods you love so much.

  • KirkK
    January 22, 2013

    Lana'i Ohana Poke Market was by far our favorite place to get grinds on Lana'i

  • Kathy YL Chan
    January 22, 2013

    Hi Kat! It sure was ^_^Hi Anon – he loved it :) Hi Kirk! Such a gem! (And so much better than the food at both resorts ;)

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