Éclat Chocolate | Parallel Bars

24056915655_ea51202d66_cA set of Parallel Bars for your weekend afternoon.

Remember City Harvest Bars back in 2013? I’ve been obsessed with Christopher Curtin’s Éclat Chocolate since.

23761231610_5d57999244_cTwo flavors in each bar. Eight squares to a bar. I can’t decide if I like each flavor on it’s own or melting in my mouth at the same time. Win-win either way. Here, Green Tea and Roasted Rice…

23974314471_7c8a183b56_c…and this is Coffee and Cardamom.

23761228150_ddd0f67741_cPorcini and Thyme was most curious…

23428663434_a061040495_c…and the Allspice and Sesame Seed was warm and wild. My favorite.

24056910905_c8936864af_cZuta! And Orange.

23948745712_c8582dae4c_cTill next time ^-^

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