Eight Treasures Tea / Ba Bao Cha

Pieces and parts for Eight Treasures Tea / Ba Bao Cha:

  • Green jasmine
  • Pearl chrysanthemum (for the respiratory system)
  • Goji berries (for the liver)
  • Lotus seeds (for the kidneys)
  • Baby rosebuds
  • Rock sugar
  • Jujube (for the blood)
  • Hawthorn (for digestion)

The above blend is from China Live in SF. I find lots of pleasure in tasting/comparing blends with the ones I make at home. I’ve also seen many variations that incorporate ginseng,┬álicorice, and dried tangerine peels. Teakha in Hong Kong offers a Ba Bao Cha brew at the cafe…

…it comes like this…

…and you pour in the date sugar syrup to your liking. Eat the candied lotus and melon on the side. It’s pretty great.

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