Food blogs are contagious. And no, not the blogging part (although sometimes reading YOUR blogs do inspire me to write :) But it is the eating part that I am referring to. You see, recently there seems to be a trend floating among young college-age, female bloggers. They are consuming an unnaturally high number of milkshakes, fries, and burgers. Robyn had her fix at Brgr, a luscious looking burger done rare, with a black and white milkshake and sweet potato fries. And Tina indulged in a chocolate malt shake (such a beautiful blissful mound of pure white whipped cream!) with her very own burger and fries at Stand. So the next morning, I convinced Trisha that we should have burgers, fries and milkshakes for lunch. Trisha, my high school friend and happy owner of a new car gladly agreed, and we speed off to In-N-Out. Animal style hamburger, extra crispy fries and neopolitian milkshake in hand, I was quite content.

But my content slowly wore off as the milkshake digested its wonderfully artificial colors into my gradually bulging stomach. The night wore one…one day after another and on and on. And last night I could stand it no longer. The burger/fries/milkshake combo didn’t stratify my exact craving. Oh no. What I really wanted were CURLY FRIES. Oh yes, those big, bad, round, twisty monsters in shades of shocking orange-yellow-gold. And I wanted a milkshake to go with that too. One so thick that all the energy in me would be wiped out just trying to take a sip, and creamy, it must be creamy, and I want something chocolately, just a little in it. And I want to be served with the fries at the same time, so I could double dip my own fries into my own milkshake. And I didn’t want to share. With anyone. (We all get greedy sometimes, please forgive me!)

But remember how I don’t have a car here? And sometimes it gets pretty old asking people for rides…”i really want pad thai, want to drive me?” or “oh god, i’m going to die if i don’t get curry udon soon, are you hungry?” And I would walk, only, you can’t really walk anywhere to do decent fooding in LA, or Claremont at the very least. So I took my two feet to the only place within walking distance that I could think of which would serve me curly fries and milkshake. That would be the Coop Fountain, a casual hangout spot at Pomona College, known to fend off the wee hour fried food cravings of college students.

The Coop opens at 9am, but doesn’t serve “lunch” until 11am – apparently, milkshakes and curly fries fall into the “lunch” and not “breakfast” category. So I casually walked in at 10:45am, stomach roaring in anticipation of fried creatures and full fat cream. I wanted my fries to be the very first batch that went into today’s vat of oil. A quick check of the milkshake flavors and I settled on a half-coffee and half-mint chocolate chip. Clever, eh? ;) After placing my order at precisely 11am, five minutes later, all my dreams came true.

It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? Look at that, they’re all so shiny, so crispy looking. And I really like the ones with the super thick curls, but the skinny ones are just so easy to dip in my mix of mayo, mustard, pepper and ketchup. So fresh, these frozen fries! And so hot! So hot, that the tips of my fingers are all red from eating them too quickly. Some I eat plain, some I dip, and others I drown into my milkshake.

And the milkshake? It was not as thick as I would prefer – my straw could stand straight up in the cup, but I did not have to use great straw sucking force to consume this creamy “liquid.” If you want to know how the mix of coffee and mint chocolate chip tastes, I wouldn’t know, cause I’m pretty sure they forgot to put the coffee part. However I was quite happy, bucket of fries and whipped ice cream in hand. But you know what would really make me happy now? Pad thai and sweet potato pizza. Why are must cravings so persistent and random? (but they do make life fun!)

  • hellokitty893112
    February 8, 2007

    Oh wow, Kathy. I guess the influence from myself and Robyn made you really hungry for some fries and shake. Ha ha! The curly fries look awesomely good! I don’t recall such an establishment in NYC that sells curly fries. I think I need to go for a hunt for them.

  • anonymous
    February 8, 2007

    thats it…now I have to go to Wendy’s for lunch today to get a frosty! that is the closest thing to a milkshake around me at the moment. oh and the curly fries…perhaps that shall be my weekend mission….find some curly fries!

  • Shannon
    February 8, 2007

    mmmmmmmmm i want some curly friesssssss ssssss that’s the sound of deep frying.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    February 8, 2007

    Hey Tina!Food blogs are POWERFUL. Talk about subconscious triggers. At first I couldn’t figure out why I was craving fries and shake so badly, but then I realized…ahh…those blogs!!! :) It’s making me fatter, but that just must mean you’re doing a good job, hehe! :) Hey Taryn!Oh man, Wendy’s frosty’s are SO GOOD! I really like the chocolate one with oreos, hehe. Maybe one of they’re bacon and cheese potatoes can sub for curly fries? hehe, if not, the ones at Jack in the Box are pretty darn good! ;)Shann!I dunno, but doesn’t deep frying sound like, shahhhahahahhahah? or maybe that’s just me. but it was so many fries! so many, i totally would have shared with you! (come to think of it, shahhahah, sounds a lot of laughing…)

  • Chubbypanda
    February 9, 2007

    Tag, you’re it! Meme time!Fries and milkshakes fueled me through all night coding sessions in college. I think if I tried to pull one of those now, I’d probably keel over. I hate getting older.

  • anonymous
    February 9, 2007

    Dammit Kathy, now I’m hungry again!Btw, we’re going to make malasadas at our luau, April 20th, wish you could be there! Maybe next year when you’re in NYC then you can come to our luau?

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