Four Seasons Lana’i, Manele Bay

Let’s rewind and pretend we are still in Hawai’i, on the island of Lana’i.

It’s a bright 80F with tradewinds and NYC feels forever and far away.

We checked out of the

…and checked into the Four Seasons Manele Bay. FS runs a shuttle that takes you from one hotel to another, a 20-minute drive. There are no traffic lights in Lana’i and there is just ONE policeman, hehe.

What to do? Well nothing…but relax! By the pool…

…and by the beach. Cocoon living.

Come early in the mornings you can see a ton of dolphins swimming around the bay. Paddleboard out and the dolphins will be close enough so that you can touch them (But I wouldn’t do that, there’s a $25K fine ;)

If you stay by the pool, good things happen. They call it “special amenities.” I made friends with the pool boy and he gave me the schedule:

10am – tropical fruit skewers
12pm – savory (think hot crab wontons and brie with caramelized pineapple crostini)
2pm – smoothies (mango, banana, pineapple)
3pm – dark chocolate cookies

I timed my pool visits accordingly, of course.

In addition to the “special amenities” they also come by each hour to spritz you with Evian (no kidding) and clean your sunglasses.

Nobu’s just opened a new restaurant in the hotel (they seem to open wherever Larry Ellison owns land)…and you can have sushi delivered poolside.

We tried most of the restaurants at the resort and they were just alright…

…though the view at the golf course Clubhouse was amazing. I preferred eating at the local restaurants in Lana’i City, will do a post on that next.

It got a little chilly at night…

…but the days were beautiful.


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