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29420511150_ea4e774bff_cIt’s been a long time since our last visit to Lana’i

29600512242_d91ae74b91_c…I was at The Lodge and Manele Bay in 2012 and 2013, but this was the first (and eagerly anticipated) post-renovation visit.

29086651513_04a0a6403e_cIt’s just a 30-minute flight from Honolulu but feels like another world. Rainy from arrival to departure, but I love that sort of dark weather…perfect for reading. Bathrobe, hot tea. Lots of pillows. Room service. All you need…

29711529835_6e05501fec_cA peek at the lobby…

29676048326_4e68271b70_c…and off to the golf course (five-minute drive away) for lunch at VIEWS. Ahi poke with Maui onions (the sweetest), scallion, shoyu, sesame, and wasabi tobiko. Mom and I shared a few dishes…

29630490261_4435d9ea87_c..and to drink, fruit and herb refreshers. There were three on the menu, all wonderful:

  • Strawberry – thyme, mango, and seltzer
  • Grapefruit – ginger beer, lime, and cinnamon
  • Peach – lemon, honey, rosemary, ginger, and nutmeg

29630452481_0023387daf_cAfternoon on property…

29084902124_faf0f80367_c…and a surprise delivery of pineapple in coconut juice (did you know the whole island of Lanai used to be a pineapple plantation?)

29600810132_a2f87b6b30_cA little nap…

29630167031_f8bdcc3ed7_c…before a sunset stroll and dinner at The Grill.

29711154755_d173fbe22c_cChampagne and a dozen oysters. Cioppino and hot fries…

29600586722_6db354bc06_c…and for dessert, a sundae of coconut-pineapple ice cream layered with chocolate pudding, lilikoi whipped cream, mango shave ice, and banana bread crumble. A very delicious mouthful.

29085222124_536524cc24_cUp early the next morning, ready to eat.

29630488571_e880d0ca82_cApple-banana waffles topped with more caramelized bananas and coconut streusel. Whipped butter and maple syrup on the side.

29085199844_5651ca200d_cBrioche french toast and a side of bacon, extra-crisp.

29085201754_1f4ce9d3dd_cBreakfast is a mix of a  la carte and buffet. Don’t miss the mini malasadas in the buffet section. Tiny, one bite wonders. Dusted with cinnamon sugar.

29630490261_4435d9ea87_cThere’s also a great juice/smoothie bar. Pick your fruits and proportions are customized to order. This was a juice of guava, grapefruit, carrot, and ginger.

29085195894_b45b5ea0e6_cYou know I can never resist an avocado smoothie. Had it blended with coconut juice and ice. Heaven.

29711800845_15218cba15_cLate morning in bed, reading and writing and napping. (I bring a new book for every hotel visit, this time it was Chang-Rae Lee’s’s Native Speaker.)

29711455665_7826ac849f_cThen off to meet mom for lunch at Malibu Farm. A big, happy ball of burrata for myself. Ahi and rice for mom.

29711449845_97d3820461_cDessert to share. Saffron ice cream and local papayas. Whipped cream in the middle.

29711465565_b875038afb_cIs there anything better than an afternoon with no agenda?

29087195573_df78e17710_cThen off to dinner at ONE Forty. Can’t remember the last time I had kilawin. They upped it a few notches with Lana’i venison. And the calamansi! So good. It’s an off-menu treat but always available if you ask. I’d be happy with this and a big bowl of rice for dinner.

29087193173_ff297c0edf_cKobe carpaccio to start and then more local Lana’i venison (seared, with polenta and parmesan).

29600749242_6d5b31c569_cFor dessert, a hot chocolate soufflé! And this heady concoction of cognac, prepped tableside with rooibos, cinnamon, cloves, and orange.


29630645571_a7fe9425cc_cAnother day, another lovely breakfast.

29630648271_2d0d2b6c44_cBlueberries and blackberries with coconut meat and juice. A few more malasadas on the side.

29676455876_cc4493612a_cLemon ricotta pancakes! Tiny and delicate. Crisp edges. Finished with lemon zest.

29600704392_56fb917b24_cAnd then back to Honolulu ^-^

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