Hawaii | Halekulani Afternoon Tea

We have afternoon tea often when in Hawaii and rotate between three spots: Halekulani, Kahala, and Moana Surfrider. There are pros and cons to each tea (I’ll do a future post on this), and today we’re at Halekulani…

They used to serve afternoon tea only in the Veranda room, but now they recently moved it to the (covered) outdoor area of Orchids. Both rooms are beautiful, and you’ll see both occupied when they are especially busy.

There’s nothing quite like afternoon tea with a (shaded) ocean view. First, pick your tea.

I had the 30th anniversary blend. I like to try all the house blends or “only at” teas when at a hotel/restaurant. It’s a good way to see what others are offering (and also because I can access better quality teas for classics/non-blends like Silver Needle, Darjeeling, etc.)

Here we are! After the tea comes the tier set…

…a basket of warm scones and almond-poppyseed cakes…

…to be paired with lemon curd, clotted cream, and kula strawberry jam.

But! There’s a secret to know. The kitchen makes an amazing poha berry jam that makes all other jams pretty much pointless. But they only send it out upon request. Make sure to ask for it and afternoon tea here will never be the same again.

It’s all about the little pleasures, yes?

Four types of savories/sandwiches

Ham and watercress, grain mustard on poppyseed bread

Smoked salmon with lemon cream on rye

Cucumber cream cheese and chives on caraway seed bread

Chicken with horseradish on whole grain

Take a little break and then…

…here’s the sweets tier.

Like Ferrero Rocher but filled with cream and custard

Jasmine tea éclair

Pandan and mango mousse cake

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