Hawai’i: Nobu Waikiki

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[Ok man, now I think I’m going to start mixing my Hawai’i May 2010 trip posts with the San Francisco June 2010 trip posts, otherwise I’ll never catch up with the NYC posts all before the next vacation! Whew! :)]

The most exciting meal I had on my last trip home was a two-part, five-hour, feast organized and graciously hosted by Reid of Ono Kine Grindz. [Super thank you, Reid!] Alan from Manoa was at the meal in addition to Robyn and myself. Reid’s blog was the very first food blog I’ve read back in the early 2000s, so it was such an honor to meet him in person!!

Our evening began with dinner at town followed by dessert at Nobu Waikiki. And when I say dinner and dessert, it wasn’t just dinner and dessert…it was, man, seriously something out of this world. We’re going to work backwards. Dessert in this post, and dinner in the next.

At Nobu’s, pastry chef Rachel Murai prepared a special six-course tasting for the four of us. An array of eye-opening sweets to say the least, I had no idea there they were turning out such wonderful desserts at Nobu Waikiki of all places. I was in love! Am going to let the photos do the talking, breakdown below :)

Sous Vide Watermelon & Umeshu, Lime Granita

Azuki Panna Cotta, Matcha Sorbet, Tapioca Pearls, Kuri Tuile

Creme de Mascarpone, Honey Caviar, Almond Olive Oil Crumble, Passion Coulis, Shiso Syrup

Pistachio Ice Cream, Coconut Foam, Caramelized Goma

Gianduja Cremoso, Peanut Praline Powder, Frozen Raspberry Bits, Cacao Nibs

Espresso Snow, Sweet Milk, Cardamom Ice Cream, Financier Crisps

Nobu Waikiki
2233 Helumoa Road
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 237-6999

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