Jackfruit and Durian Hybrid

Hehe, look at this! My initial thought when my aunt pulled this out of her fridge was: “what the hell is that?”

It’s a fruit! Not just any fruit, but a hybrid breed of jackfruit and durian. I’ve never seen this in Hawaii before but apparently there’s an abundance in Vietnam. My aunt purchased it from the Hawaii Supermarket in Alhambra (I have no idea why it’s called the Hawaii Supermarket as they don’t have musubis or sweetbread).

Mix the jackfruit and durian and what you get is a long rectangular fruit with an exterior similar to durian except harder and more prickly. When you cut it open and eat the yellow part, you’re essentialy consuming jackfruit with the flavor of a durian. Very cool indeed! It’s definitely an interesting fruit, but for the most part I think I would prefer eating a normal durian or plain jackfruit. It’s funny because when you taste the flavor of durian you expect a soft creamy texture but what you get is sticky and chewy. It would be fun to have around at a party but for everday eating I’ll just stick to the normal stuff. Though you must admit, it’s a mighty interesting looking fruit!

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