Honey Orchid Oolong | Mi Lan Xiang

15916990195_b59c6caf3f_cOn my last Taiwan trip, I visited a tea shop (one of the oldest in Taipei!) owned by a friend’s family.

15915142471_1e8e4ed4d7_cWe cupped six oolongs over the afternoon. And when we steeped the Honey Orchid Oolong (aka Mi Lan Xiang) her aunt noted that it was excellent with honey in the winter and champagne in the summer.

15729500518_c1c04cd67e_cSo we brought some back to NYC. And while I love this oolong best plain and pure (that’s when you get this heady sweetness that envelopes your entire mouth, intense!)…

15729766560_419854dcb5_c…it’s lovely late at night with a tiny spoonful of honey. This oolong has natural honey notes (hence the name), and this further enhances it.

15916390082_d1b149bdce_cBut if the caffeine from too much tea keeps you up, no worries. There’s always champagne. Do an 80:20 ratio of champagne to oolong. Best to cold-steep the oolong the night before. And of course, make sure it’s chilled before topping off that glass.

Mahalo to Allen for the photos ^-^


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