Hong Kong | Tea Lunch at Lung King Heen

16281286320_2cfc33ce93_cOne of my favorite things about Hong Kong dining is that all great Chinese restaurants run exquisite tea programs. They do so without making a big deal out of it. It’s a show but there’s no excess. Every move in presentation and service, and every tea on the menu has a purpose.  It doesn’t feel like they’re trying too hard. It feels natural. And the tea is always steeped just right.

16442726286_af1c5298e7_cFor today, scenes from a recent lunch at Lung King Heen inside Four Seasons Hong Kong. Five courses from Chef Chan (neat tidbit: he was the first Chinese chef to receive three Michelin stars), each paired with a different tea from their house collection.

16281030048_3e7bf12654_c (1)To begin, a trio of dim sum:

  • Mushroom and chicken with Chinese yam
  • Shrimp with bamboo shoots
  • Shanghainese pork and crab dumpling

16282477679_42ac57679f_c…all with the delicate Fuding Silver Needle.

15848647343_3333ddeecc_cHere’s a look at the steeped tea.

16467772402_6d5bde2fd2_c (1)Whole abalone puff with diced chicken (and a sweet bolo bao crust!), and baked pork bun with pine nuts….

16467771442_088f5f53a0_c (1)…served with a Yunnan Supreme Black tea.

16282473749_e24e7088dc_cSteamed star garoupa with ginger and green onions…

16281289880_a452bcdcb1_c…with a Dongding Oolong…

16281290590_bb4fec6288_c (1)…from Taiwan, of course ^-^

16282828827_391b4d158d_cWok-fried Australian wagyu beef with morels…

16467767592_2647f8d742_c…and a 1999 Yunnan Pu’erh. The most heady combo! Pu’erh always makes me crave savory meats and mushrooms, truffles and cigars.

15846152744_f8a347fb25_cFinishing with sweet almond cream and egg whites (one of my all time favorite desserts!)….

16282469209_bc4a0e30ee_c…paired with a Shifeng Long Jing.

16281287380_4b5c43b76c_cA trio of sweets including osmanthus gelée, green tea roll, and lotus puff.

16468707605_275021d9a1_cAnd a final cupping of shou, sheng, and the restaurant’s house blend (shou and sheng) pu’erh.

  • Steph W
    February 26, 2015

    I hope to be able to travel to Hong Kong some day and experience this myself!

  • Winn
    February 27, 2015

    yummmm. !

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