Hong Kong | Dinner at Joanne’s

It was Joanne who introduced me to this incredible combination of uni and steak. A tongue and slice of each, all wrapped in shiso and nori, then topped with a sprinkle of Maldon. 

Remember this Niku-Uni dish at Takashi? Uni, raw chuck flap, and nori. It was good but not perfect because the raw meat required too much chewing effort to enjoy. The goal is to create an effortless bite.

Joanne was like, why not sear the meat? So there we have it.

We had that for dinner at her place in Hong Kong one night. But that was not all! I finally met Emmi the Chow Chow in real life and

…her aunt cooked up a feast for five. We devoured gobo chicken soup…

…and smoked dried tofu skin sautéed with Chinese celery.

There was sautéed cabbage with lard and garlic…

…alongside her grandma’s sugarcane smoked pork belly with cilantro roots and Yilan scallions.

Fresh baby bamboo! With kurobuta pork belly. So much pork belly ^_^

And kurobuta pork from Taiwan steamed with cabbage (from her aunt’s garden in Yilan) and a sprinkle of shichi-mi.

Then we took a break and snacked on century eggs from Taiwan with sweet soy and cilantro.

And for dessert, a million Pierre Hermé macarons (he has two Hong Kong locations)…

…and ispahan chocolates…

…paired with more oolong than I can remember ^_^


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