Hong Kong, Once More

20641470444_b05db3fbee_cWhenever I’m in Asia (anywhere in Asia!) I always stop by Hong Kong for a few days on my way home. Sometimes for work, sometimes for fun…and most often for both. I love this city. Below, snapshots from my last visit ^-^

I stayed at The Upper House this time…

21253750892_cdd176540c_c…and made sure to wake up extra early for breakfast for at Café Gray Deluxe. All the good stuff in this set. Char siu bao, corn and crab jook with all the fixings, fried noodles and turnip cakes. Chrysanthemum and honey to drink…

20643103853_95a89b3818_c…on another morning, blueberry dutch pancake with maple syrup and whipped devonshire (devonshire isn’t just for scones!)

21076347608_bbfa0db655_cAnd a quinoa-yogurt porridge with almond milk. Layered with blueberry and blackberry compote, fresh raspberries on top.

21264146875_4221149276_cThey also do a great afternoon tea The Upper House/Café Gray Deluxe.

21077364379_a17b0cb110_cAnd because it is possible to have afternoon tea twice in a day…a late afternoon visit to the Peninsula Hong Kong.

21237900046_59edd527c6_cBack for a little bath (this just might be my favorite bathroom in Hong Kong)…

21076046950_8881d8ce39_c…tea and sweets…

21272224521_26114f5eeb_c…and a nap.

21076140330_40ce8505c0_cMatcha soft-serve with warabi mochi and chestnuts at Via Tokyo (which you first saw here)…

21076139700_6305a85951_c…and miniature (weekend-only) soup dumplings at the Causeway Bay location of Din Tai Fung.

21272302461_7026eb1957_cAnd then…off! Back home. But not before a quick stop at the Cathay Pacific lounge for laksa and sponge cake. It’s tradition.

20965124309_090cc48ebc_cP.S. Cathay Pacific also just opened their newest lounge, The Pier. It feels more like a hotel/apt than an airport…

20965120719_9d1cb56b79_c….and offers made to order dim sum at the lounge restaurant. Dumplings, you tiao and soymilk. Be back soon again ^-^

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  • Jason C.
    October 26, 2016

    I’ve never stayed at the Upper House-my next destination in Hong Kong. Also The Pier looks stunning after renovation. Trying to find a time to stop by!

    Thank you so much for the photos.

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