I stopped by Taco Factory in the Claremont Village on the way to class today. You know what? I’ve been looking forever for a place in this city with Al Pastor. I keep on reading about Kirk’s adventures with this succulent meat and was growing quite frustrated with the fact that I could not access such places without a car. Who would have guess the Taco Factory, a mere 15 minute walk from my dorm, offers this treasure?!

So I had a Al Pastor Taco ($1.29), and here it is. Kirk was right! I like, I like it very much! I have no previous experience to compare this with, but the shreds/chunks of pork were so moist and flavorful with just the right about of spice. Slightly taken aback by all the offerings at the pile-it-on-yourself salsa bar, I just loaded up whatever and anything that looked good. It worked out very nicely, I must say! Only issue I had here was eating this with my hands. There was so much stuff everything threatened to spill out. I had to do it fork and knife – it was the only way.

The Mahi Mahi Taco ($2.49) was ehhh, just okay. I would have much preferred two more Al Pastors’ to the Mahi Mahi for the price. A fair sized fillet was sautéed and layered over the corn tortillas with a tangy cream sauce and cabbage. The fish was tough and overwhelmingly ‘fishy’ in flavor, even with the cream sauce…Hawaii spoiled me, but I can’t be too picky here. All in all, it was a simple, yet enjoyable lunch…nice to get some time alone for myself. Besides, now I can say I’ve had Al Pastor, finally!!!

Taco Factory
363 Bonita Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-3434

  • KirkK
    February 21, 2007

    Hi Kathy – I thought you’d like it…. Well, now, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a decent Al Pastor taco…I think I’ll get some now! ;o)

  • Chubbypanda
    February 21, 2007

    Tacos al Pastor rock. I’m glad you finally got to try them.

  • hellokitty893112
    February 22, 2007

    Oh wow… Tacos al Pastor looks good and it’s really inexpensive! Too band there aren’t that many great taco places in NYC. Or is it that I haven’t found one yet? Hmmm…

  • anonymous
    February 23, 2007

    Hi…I’m a new reader to your blog…I have a loser foodieblog of my own, haven’t updated in a while….www.xanga.com/quizdasaige.But actually I was more interested in your advice….firstly I love your posts and you tastes for pasteries…HOW DO YOU STAY SO THIN? I find my passion for food always getting in the way of my ‘diet’. Secondly I see you have moved to LA being from Hawaii and I am in need of counsel. I am transfering to LA in August (with finace who will be schooling in Walnut) after being born and raised here for 22 years and I am worried about being homesick. We are thinking of living in the West Covina Area, can you let me know where good places to look for housing, etc. would be? Also any tips you can give me about moving to that area from Hawaii would be greatly appreciated.Keep up the yummy posts, aloha, Anuhea

  • Kathy YL Chan
    February 23, 2007

    Hey Kirk!hehe, I went back for two more days in a row, just for Al Pastor…nothing to fill you up like tacos before dance class! ;)Hey Chubbypanda!I know!…and it was within walking distance all along! :)Hey Tina!I bet there’s some hidden taco gems in nyc…just too many bakeries, patisseries, and all sorts of wonderful, sweet starches to distract us! :)Hey Anuhea!Thanks for reading my blog – it feels good to know that I’m writing for someone, heehee :) I also lived on Oahu my whole life, and only moved to LA for school. In terms of housing and real estate I don’t know too much, but West Covina is a nice neighborhood and you’re right next to the culinary wonderland of asian food in San Gabriel, Arcadia! And not too far from downtown also! So if it’s asian food you’re worrying about missing, LA has you covered.But man, even after more than two years here I still get extremely homesick. When it all boils down, nothing quite beats the islands…I’m going to move back eventually! Good luck with your move, and bring lots of warm jackets (it got really cold this year!) :)

  • La Vida Dulce
    February 25, 2007

    Hey Kathy,Good for you to have Taco Factory so close, one of the things I still miss about living in the IE. Of course, now I am closer to Porto’s and am happy to be in Monterey Park, all that great food here. Hope you and your dad have a fun visit together!

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