In and Around Bordeaux

28983296275_442c8f60c9_cSnapshots from in and around Bordeaux ^-^

28951098556_755dc8e534_cDecadent mornings…

28906489461_fa91af2ec6_c…slower afternoons…

28950941546_d61232e874_c…and darker nights.

28907145591_20b2f748df_cRose sorbet on a Tuesday stroll.

29322891593_4f3a022f73_cPots and pans…

28877841372_accc17ffd5_c…in Sauternes.


28983305075_5b39ca161b_c…for a dozen macarons.

28697042570_2702171990_cAnd canelés.

28906925691_ea7f339146_cNice and slow.

28950947086_8660b9a6b6_cChocolate, custard, and berries. Lemon cream at Hostellerie De Plaisance.

28950607746_2de9f68953_cThe only “rule” I made for myself this visit…

28877825122_833d236276_c…was to eat oysters every single day. Marennes-Oléron oysters.

28950809346_0fd9da87f5_cGrilled sausages. La Fine de Claire oysters. Suze and champagne in Cognac.

28906790521_2a4da8da2f_cMore La Fine de Claire. Steamed, with green peas and Aquitaine caviar.

28907021891_806b0cddd5_cAt Intercontinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hôtel, bread and seaweed butter. Caviar and oysters.

28364152834_e126e65f9a_cOn the left, Arachon ‘Perles de L’Impératrice’….

28366524723_1973b8f7a1_c…and on the right, oysters from the Medoc.

28364315074_85b66934b4_cMust have crépinettes for balance. Hot! Savory.

28697538240_c1870111a9_cEscargots de Loupiac braised with red wine, parsley and lardons. Layered with potatoes.

28907153101_f174bd6e4d_cAnd a classic Omelette Norvégienne.

28697370590_220f4f4388_cBack to bed.

28366531193_6f5e82827f_cTill next time ^-^


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